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ABOUT HRH Prince Emmanuel de Ceriz and Virkantzya

About HRH Activities, Researches, and Creativness

Prince Emmanuel de Ceriz (le prince Emmanuel J. Azeved O. Tavora De Ceriz) is the first transmutalist writer and the founder of the Transmutalism movement. [[1]] HRH Emmanuel de Ceriz, Prince of Vyrkantzya, develops several activities: is a knight, art painter, scientific researcher, writer and musician. He was born in Portugal but descending from a very ancient family with origins in France and Egypt. The French origin is one of the oldest and remains in the city of “Ceriz Ay” or the very ancient “Principat de CerizAy” located in the “deux-sevres” county, nearly 100Km from Paris. The photographs of the Castle of “Ceriz Ay”, “le chateau de Ceriz Ay” (sometimes written cerisay), could be seen by searching internet, and it is in very good shape although is from the XI century (“chateau du XI eme siecle”). One of his ancient and well known ancestors was Guy de Ceriz (year of 1343), Lord of Ceriz (“Seigneur de Ceriz”), “Maitre d’hotel du roi de France”, which means ‘member of the royal French family and second place in kingdom command. Transmutalism is the recent ontological system created by Emmanuel De Ceriz and explained in their books ”The Book of Meta-H”, 1995, "Transmutalism", 1999, and "Ignius", 2001. It consists in his transmutation into a new species, some kind of “divine”, unlimited and immortal being. He also founded a new mathematics theory, the "Transmutational Calculus", to explore the possibilities to transmute one thing into a completely different thing (essence and structure), A~>B (A transmuted in B), with A=/=B (A different from B). A new and more complete mathematics (in his vision) could be born with new axioms, for example “axiom one of Transmutalism”: A equal to B means, simultaneous, that A is different from B, this is a paradox regarding the usual accepted axiom of identity that says that one thing is equal (only) to itself; and all the actual mathematician building his based on it . To Transmutalism theory that axiom is incomplete and, subsequently, their “actual mathematician building”. Also his idea is very different from the old alchemy and even from the nuclear physics approach (particle accelerators and so on, e.g.” Cyclotrons”). Also is very different from the recent physics research called “Cold Fusion”. All this because Transmutalism is based on an inner transmutation directly achieved from the energetic field that composes each being by a complex relation with various and simultaneous kinds of ‘consciousness’; regarding chaos theory and science of complexity, as well as quantum physics, Emmanuel De Ceriz assumes that, for example in human beings, even random processes and subjacent chaos have their own and very significant consciousness, which is vital for human transmutation, and also for any kind of transmutation, substances, elements, and so on. It is not easy to resume Transmutalism here. You could read the site although you have to translate most of it from Portuguese to the language that you most domain. However, on the site, you will be helped with the use of some efficient automatic translators. Transmutalism is also a new arts theory. Transmutalism have his own space and interpretation in between other artistic theories like impressionism, surrealism, etc. Although the works of Ceriz, specially the paintings, have some similarity with Van Gogh's style, they are too much different in some points, e.g., the figures architecture reveal specially three things in direct correlation with the figures represented: 1) the Transmutational nature of each represented being or object; 2) the random and stochastic processes involved inside and outside the represented figures and even around them on the surrounding nature; 3) the quantum physics theory and reinterpretation with focus on the "atomic" constitution (or "particle" constitution) of the all picture, which means that each small piece of ink applied by the brush should be alive and look like alive and with it's own consciousness. [2]

The Ancestor List

Are we related? Is your great-grandfather our mother's cousin's grandma's nephew once removed? There's only one way to find out . . . . In this list, names and dates are indexed by surname:





Keriz, Kerik

About the Family Roots

HRH Prince Emmanuel de Ceriz and Virkantzya have in his old ancestors, for example, King D. Ramiro II from the middle-age kingdom of Leon (notes 1. and 2.), the Great Master of France, Gui de Ceriz, Seigneur de Ceriz (Lord of Ceriz), Prince of Ceriz Ay (note 3).


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